Name/Title of Project:

A Fixed Point for Ferencváros

Objective of Program to be Supported:

We have been working for a more liveable, diverse, and friendly district for 10 years now and we’re currently in the midst of organising our 5th Swimathon. The focus of our work is to build and maintain the role of a local “bridge” connecting local stakeholders, i.e., private and corporate donors, NGOs, and groups whose interests are not taken into account by existing decision-making structures. We can act as a leaven for Ferencváros that often goes unnoticed, but without which life in the district would be less rounded. We can provide support quickly, flexibly and in the most direct way possible, which is why we are taking up the challenge ourselves now to continue this professional work in the future.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

Nothing proves the legitimacy of our work more than the thousands of private donors and dozens of corporate supporters who have supported us and thus the local organisations and causes we have supported over the years. FCF’s support is more than just monetary funding. Furthermore, it is not us who claim this, but the very representatives of the civil society organisations in the District with whom we work. We are considering ways to best continue these professional activities in the role of a catalyst and to expand our staff, but given that 2020 has also created a difficult situation for us as well, we are now looking to raise the funds to cover the costs entailed by securing the core activities of the Community Foundation in the period ahead.

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

Our core activities consist in raising local funds and support district organisations and causes. We organise two major fundraising events a year (Swimathon in the early summer and Élő Adás in the autumn). The funds collected will be used to maintain a professional staff and an office shared with another organisation, which will contribute to the professionalisation of the corporate-civic relations work, the creation of a district volunteer database and the introduction of other forms of fundraising and grant distribution.

Planned total project budget, in brief (types and amounts of costs):

Office rent: 66,000 HUF/month
Staff of 3: 794,500 HUF/month
Rent, bank charges: 26,000 HUF/month
Accounting: 27,940 HUF/month
Monthly: 914,440 HUF/month
Planned use of the donations raised at Swimathon:
At the Swimathon we aim to raise 2.5 million HUF, currently equalling 2 to 3 months’ operational costs for our foundation, in addition to significant amounts of regular volunteer work. All the funding will be used to cover these costs.

A Swimathonon gyűjtött támogatásunk tervezett felhasználása:

At the Swimathon we aim to raise 2.5 million HUF, currently equalling 2 to 3 months’ operational costs for our foundation, in addition to significant amounts of regular volunteer work. All the funding will be used to cover these costs.

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it?

Over the 10 years of the FCF, we have provided more than HUF 85 million in grants to 60 district-related causes, thanks to the generosity of our donors.
The effectiveness of our social impact is also demonstrated by the recent Swimathon campaign, which we adapted and organised, and which raised eight to nine times the combined organisational costs and expenditure, meaning that the multiplying and mobilising effect of the event was unquestionable. We seek this multiplier effect, if not always the exact same ratio, in all our activities. However, the feedback that is dearest to our hearts comes from the organisations we work with and support, as well as from the donors: “If there’s a problem, we can always count on the FCF.” – Blanka Kustár, Anyahajó Egyesület (Mother Ship Association). “For us, FCF has been our eyes and hands in the district…”- Zsolt Czibere, British Petrol

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

The aim of our foundation is to mobilise people living, working, studying, and connected to Ferencváros for a more liveable and lovable district, for a better sense of well-being and a stronger common identity. In the 10 years since 2011, our main tasks have been fundraising from local individuals and business partners, distributing grants to local NGOs, and organising community-strengthening events, through our own programs and by adapting successful community fundraising programs from around the world.

Organisational data

Name: Ferencváros Community Foundation
Representative of the Foundation: Péter Fenyvesi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Public benefit classification: public benefit organisation
Court registration number: 14.Pk.60.763/2011/2, ser. no. 11504.
Date of the Articles of Association: 2011.11.15. The court order became final on 30/12/2011.
Registered seat and postal address of the Foundation: 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 30., Hungary
Office: Budapest, 1114 Mészöly utca 7., Hungary
Contact person: Erika Barna, project director, curator
Phone: +36 70 397 9999