Name/Title of Project:

KONKÁV lifebuoy

Objective of Program to be Supported:

KONKÁV is a community space on the border of the rehabilitation area
of Middle Ferencváros on the corner of Balázs Béla and Sobieski streets. Most of the young people regularly visiting here are gipsy children from disadvantaged families with multiple problems. They are increasingly threatened by leaving school early and young-age deviances. We aim to help them cope with the obstacles in front of them in the safe and supporting environment of the community space. Our program is regularly visited by 100-150 people; 20-30 children and parents daily. We would like to organise the operation of the program for the summer and a summer holiday for the children with the help of the supporters of Swimathon.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

The block rehabilitation program in Middle Ferencváros obviously divides the area into two parts. The future is developing and the hundred-year-old past is collapsing side by side. The social groups living here are also at least as different from each other as the houses. Children go to different schools; they spend their spare time differently and they have different prospects. Our program reduces these distances, builds bridges and passages, brings and ties together so that the future should not depend on which side of the street you were born to.

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

We can finance payment for our colleagues and programs for the children between June and September as follows:

opening between 3 and 8 p.m. four days a week between June and September

summer programs:
June: great community event in KONKÁV to close the school term: pizza and cake party, assessment of the year and opening the summer; a meeting to discuss programs.
July and August: family day at Margaret Island, walk in the botanic garden, canoe trip on the River Danube at Ráckeve, going to the beach at Homoksziget at Göd (with BBQ), slide park on Gellért Hill, competitions and races in Kerekerdő Park and loads of ice-cream, of course.
September: community party opening the school term

Planned total project budget, briefly (cost types and amounts):

Full planned budget or program:
salary for social workers on duty in the community space: HUF 1,200,000 (2 persons for 4 months HUF 150,000 per capita monthly)
summer programs in KONKÁV: HUF 300,000 (travel costs and meals for day trips, rental fee for canoes and bicycles, admission fees, cost of food for the school term closing and opening event)

Planned use of the donations raised at Swimathon:

Financing the community space has become uncertain as a result of the reduction of resources due to the coronavirus. Government applications ensuring our operation have not been announced and the amount of subvention from the local municipality expected for the autumn has also been significantly reduced. We are keeping KONKÁV open from our own resources but we are running out of money by this summer. We would like to raise HUF 1.5 million to cover the operation costs we miss for these four months and spend on summer programs.

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it

School is not about success and great experiences, and the vacation does not mean careless holidays for children going to KONKÁV. That’s why we would like to offer them something special in our program. We attach a positive experience to the end and the beginning of the school term with our closing and opening events and we fill the boring and uneventful hot summer days between these with content. In addition to the usual opening hours and work of the community space we would like to go to places and programs with the participants at Konkáv where they probably wouldn’t be able to go without us. We will compile the programs from the wishes of the children at Konkáv.
10-12 children and in some cases their family members will attend these events. They will express their preliminary expectations at the closing event of the school term while they will assess the programs at the opening event of the next school term.

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

KONKÁV Foundation
KONKÁV is a community space for adolescents, a place or a living room for the boys and girls in the neighbourhood. Many of them don’t even have their own bedroom, not to mention a living room, sometimes they don’t have their own corner. KONKÁV works to supply this need. We are an accepting, homy space, open for everyone where it is good to come every day. Where you can feel safe, where you can talk to someone and there are things you can do. Or, where you can just sit in peace and quiet if you need that. We, the youth professionals working in the community space are available for them on weekday afternoons or at other times as well and we provide them with useful spare time activities (table football, table tennis, board games, sports…) and individual attention (learning help, mentoring, official things, problem solving).

Organisational Data Name, registered seat, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name and contact of contact person:

Name, registered seat, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name and contact of contact person: (email, telephone)
Konkáv Foundation, 1156 Bp. Nádastó park 26., tax number: 19225579-1-42,
Piroska Móka,, +36307790490