About us

Our activities in 2020 to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic:
We distributed 1 million HUF from the Péter Zwack Memorial Fund for the most disadvantaged families, residents in the district, in the form of disinfectants, non-perishable food, vitamins
In the first wave of the epidemic in the spring, we supported the operational costs of three local NGOs with HUF 1 million
Thanks to the support of bp (British Petrol), we donated 100 laptops to local NGOs and in the second wave of the pandemic, through our open call for proposals, we helped another 6 local NGOs in crisis with a total of 2.2 million HUF
We invited Gabriella Csoszó, a district-based photo artist, to run a photo series of the most powerful moments of cooperation and solidarity during the pandemic emergency. The photo series was published under the title ‘Here at home, in District 9’.

We raised over 6.4 million HUF for three good causes through the online edition of the Live Giving community fundraising campaign
To promote the diversity of the district, we launched a gastronomy-themed video series, Taste the World!, showcasing immigrants connected to the district
We supported the airing of the shows of and podcasts of the online radio, Radió 9 – the civil voice of the district, both in spring and autumn
This time it is us fundraising for our general purpose costs among those who think that our work in the district is important. On the occasion of our 10th anniversary in 2021, we would like to celebrate our achievements and partnerships, and also raise at least HUF 10 million for general purpose expenses. Thank you for your support!