Name/Title of Project

”Smart Fun&Paws” Summer Camp

Objective of Program to be Supported:

As an organisation dedicated to the development of the motor, cognitive and social skills of children with central nervous system disorders who are developmentally delayed, we seek to prepare future schoolchildren for the challenges of school life. With the help of the donations raised through Swimathon, we plan to provide school preparation for 10-12 children in a summer camp which we hope will contribute a lot to helping children start first grade in September ready for school and open to learning.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

The situation that ensued in the wake of the pandemic had a negative impact on the development of the 5-6 year-old children as well. Development centres had to close as well, suspending development processes and creating a lot of backlog. We want to remedy this problem by providing a complex pre-school programme. The focus will be on developing the following skills: awareness of tasks and rules, communication, large and fine motor skills, cognitive functions (attention, memory, thinking).

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

We would like to organise a school preparation camp, “Smart Fun&Paws”, in the summer of 2021, at a location in Ferencváros. The programme would last 5 days, with day activities, without sleepover. In addition to the complex development activities, the children will learn experientially, through community activities: dog therapy, children’s yoga, puppet theatre, juggling demonstration, dance lessons, train rides on Margaret Island, musical experiences.
If the camp is not feasible (because of changes in the virus situation), we will organise a pre-school course, “FastTrack”. This would imply small group, pre-school sessions twice a week, lasting 45-minutes, offered at a discount price, between September and 20 December 2021.

Planned total project budget, briefly (cost types and amounts):

Total planned budget:
– Salary of development specialists (4 persons, 350.000 HUF)
– Equipment (350,000 HUF)
– Rental of the camp site (100.000 HUF)
– Meals: 180.000 HUF (lunch, snacks)
– Activities: 100.000 HUF
– Operational costs: 200.000 HUF (utilities, accounting, administration and bank charges)
Total costs:1.000.000 HUF

Planned use of the donations raised at Swimathon:

Eighty per cent of the funds raised through Swimathon will be used to run the “Smart Fun&Paws” complex pre-school camp. We plan to use the grant to pay the fees of the development specialists, provide the necessary equipment for the camp, rent the venue, provide meals and run the experiential activities. 20% of the grant will be used to cover the operating costs of the Head-to-Toe Foundation (Tetőtől Talpig Fejlesztő Alapítvány).

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it?

As a result of participation in the summer camp, children are expected to make significant progress in the following areas: large motor functions, fine motor skills, cognitive functions (attention, memory, thinking), task and rule awareness, communication.
Assessment method: formal feedback from parents after starting school.

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

From Head to Toe Foundation (Tetőtől Talpig Fejlesztő Alapítvány)
The Foundation aims to foster physical, mental and psychological development, to help people develop their knowledge according to their abilities, to improve and maintain the quality of life of individuals through conscious living. Our aim is to develop children and adults who are developmentally delayed, with a special focus on helping and supporting their families. Our approach focuses on the family as a complex system.

Organisational data

Name: Tetőtől Talpig Fejlesztő Alapítvány
Registered seat: 2030 Érd, Fenyőfa u. 20.
Date and number of court registration: 2015.;1400/Pk.60215/2015
Tax number: 18657937-1-13
Name and contact of contact person: Karola Zsuzsanna Szczerba, ; +36 30 18 33 299