Name/Title of Project:

Swim for the Fairy Garden!

Objective of Program to be Supported:

Our aim is that children who have undergone a bone marrow transplant and their families can spend time during the long months of recovery in a beautiful and homely environment, not only in the Démétér House, but also in the garden. The outdoor play and exercise facilities ensure that the children can experience being children again. We believe that the beauty of the environment speeds up and fosters the rehabilitation of our young patients.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

Since 2006, Démétér House in the Szent László Hospital has provided a second home for children with bone marrow transplants and their families. Over the past 15 years, we have continuously improved and expanded the House. We started out with 6 apartments and now we can accommodate up to 14 families. The inside and outside of the house have been renovated, but the outside is still somewhat barren, preventing our young patients from enjoying the beautiful surroundings. We would like to build a garden and a playground to provide the ideal conditions for recovery.

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

Our swimmers are raising money to turn the Fairy Garden around the Démétér House into a reality by this autumn.
July 2021: Finalising the garden construction plan with the garden engineer (volunteer) and contacting the contractor.
August 2021: Landscaping. We would like to minimise the costs of landscaping through volunteer work.
September, October 2021: Maintenance of existing plants, planting of new ones, accessibility, creation of shock-absorbing surfaces, construction of playground equipment, bird feeders, bird boxes, installation of a sprinkler system, lawns, installation of garden furniture.
We plan to involve volunteers in the whole gardening program, working under the guidance of the gardening engineer.

Planned total project budget, in brief (types and amounts of costs):

The total planned budget for the program is:

Preparatory work for creating the Garden: 38,630 HUF
Landscape works: 321,650 HUF
Construction works: 2,185,550 HUF
Furnishing: 3,086,000 HUF
Planting new plants and maintenance of existing plants: 2,436,680 HUF
VAT: 2,178,498 HUF

The total budget of the program is 10,242,000 HUF

Planned use of the donations raised at the Swimathon:

We wish to raise 5,522,680 HUF through the Swimathon, representing around half of the total budget. From this amount, we intend to spend 3,086,000 HUF on the construction of playgrounds, the installation of equipment, furniture, and shock absorbing surfaces; while 2,436,680 HUF should cover planting and taking care of plants. We dare to hope that this high amount will be raised because our foundation is now swimming in the Swimathon for the third time. In 2016, we raised 3.5 million HUF for the construction of the new wing of the Démétér House, and in 2018, we managed to raise 5.2 million HUF for the furnishing of the new wing. We have half of the total budget available. In the event that we do not reach the target amount, we will temporarily suspend installing one item of playground equipment, which we can then resume later on when the money comes together.

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it?

Another important goal is to ensure that families recovering here not only feel the homely atmosphere inside the House, but also enjoy outdoor activities in a beautiful environment. Safe playgrounds and accessible rest areas provide children physically weakened after a long hospital stay with the opportunity to take walks and play. At the moment, the area around the house is unfortunately barren, there is no playground equipment and regrettably, the plants are old, too. We hope that the beautiful surroundings will motivate the children to move around more. Our young patients are already very motivated by the fact that they can come to the Démétér House and spend weeks and months with their families in nice and pleasant surroundings. The beautiful garden can be a further stage of rehabilitation for the children and their families.

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

Démétér Foundation
The Démétér House is run by our foundation as part of a complex care and aftercare program. Our aim is to improve the chances of recovery for children with chronic illnesses who have undergone bone marrow transplants, and to make the emotional and physical aftercare easier for our young patients. Our mission is to make sure that families who come to our ward feel that they are not abandoned, that they have someone to turn to when they feel the tide is turning. We believe that healing is not only physical, but also psychological and social.

Organisational data
Name, registered office, date and number of court registration, tax number, website
Name and contact of contact person:

Details of Démétér Foundation

Name of the organisation: Démétér Foundation
Legal status: Public Benefit Foundation
Year of establishment, place: 14 December 2005, Budapest.
Public Benefit Status Decree No.: 9. Pk. 60.821/2005/24.
Date of awarding public benefit status: 14 December 2005.
Court registration number: 9721
Registered seat: Budapest, 1224, Csóványos u. 9., Hungary
Tax number: 18256110-1-43
Website: www.Démété
Contact person: Gabriella Sedlák, +36 70 621 7711