György Sántha       

Welcome to the website of Swimathon! Swimathon is a four-week community fundraising campaign culminating in a community event that, this year, will NOT be held in and out of water in a pool due to the pandemic situation, but ON SOLID GROUND. During the campaign fundraising “ambassadors”, including me, are inviting you to be part of an exciting initiative and support a good cause. In addition to taking on a four-week, personal challenge in a sport activity of choice, targeting a minimum distance (see categories below), we're also fundraising to help these programs turn into a reality.

PONTYOK 30 000 m
HARCSÁK 40 000 m
CÁPÁK 50 000 m

I am György Sántha, an administrative lawyer and management consultant. Over the past 20 years, I have implemented large developmental projects at different government agencies and at a consulting firm specializing in e-Government. My relationship with the Foundation is only a few weeks old, but I am confident that I can help the organization with my wide circle of friends. Although, I used to be an active sportsman, the pace of work in recent years and the closure due to the COVID virus epidemic took me out a lot. I undertake to performance the Buda Castle - Leányfalu - Buda Castle distance (60 km) with my bike within 4 hours, and to collect HUF 200,000 for the Foundation.

Amount Targeted:

200000 HUF

Amount Raised:

245000 HUF

Days Left:



  • Épüljön Tündérkert!
  • Czupper-Szilágyi Emese 10000 HUF
    Hajrá Gyuri :)
  • Czinege Sándor 11000 HUF
  • Hajdu Zoltán
    Sebesség! Koncentrálj!
  • Hajnal Gábor 15000 HUF
  • Czifra Attila
  • Gergely Kis
    Hajrá Gyuri!
  • Tóth József 10000 HUF
    Hajrá Gyurikám!
  • D. Ádám H. Attila 10000 HUF
  • Pamzsav Horolma 10000 HUF
    Hajrá Gyuri!

  • Hajrá Cápák!
  • Mohácsi Mónika 10000 HUF
    "Az emberek cselekedeteinek csakis a szándék szabja meg az érdemét, s az önzetlenség teszi tökéletessé." (Jean de La Bruyére) Gyerünk-gyerünk! :)
  • Bálint Andrea 10000 HUF
    Hajrá, Gyuri! :)
  • Fekete Leticia 10000 HUF
    Hajrá a nemes célért!

  • Lidi Zsófi 10000 HUF
    Hajrá! (dinamit duo)
  • Kitzberger-Soós Hajnalka 10000 HUF
    Hajrá-hajrá (és köszönöm :))!!!
  • Cápa Társ 3000 HUF
    Jó tekerést!
  • Dr.Prodán-Papp Ágnes 20000 HUF
(1EUR is approx. 310HUF, 1USD is approx. 267HUF)