Name/Title of Project:

Want drama?!

Objective of Program to be Supported:

Our program, titled ‘Want drama?!’ aims to start a series of school activities and community occasions for the age group between 8 and 10 to help their emotional development together with Ferencvárosi Sport Általános Iskola és Gimnázium (Ferencváros Sports Elementary and Secondary School), a József Attila AMI (József Attila Elementary School and Elementary Arts School) and H52 Youth Office. We aim to reach out with our activities to the children and their community who find it particularly difficult to cope with the negative (and often violent) events of the outer world, handle their own emotions and attach to others.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

Based on the experiences of the past year, by the ease of the pandemic, we – and children in particular – need community attachment, conversations and experiences. Generally, we can say that today children find it difficult to relieve stress and give out their emotions. We wish to respond to this with our project aiming to help self-knowledge and emotional development. We give children an alternative coping strategy which might help them settle their relations without violence and has a community-building effect as well.

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

Horizon is going to start the project with two schools in the district in September 2021. Following the preparation, we shall hold three community-building activities aiming to know each other better. These will be closed by an outdoor community program outside the school, which will be open for teacher and parents as well. We will work out the topics by the end of January, adjusting it to the needs of the given class. We shall hold an activity every fortnight from February to June to help emotional education. This will be completed by an external teambuilding community program organised by H52 with active spare time activities, extra programs and a picnic during the intense process. Our activities built on drama pedagogy and psychodrama aim to help classes involved to be more open to their mates, respond more easily to processing and solving emotionally difficult situations. All this might help schools solve difficult community situations and manage conflicts.

Planned total project budget, briefly (cost types and amounts):

The project budget consists of three components:
1. Working out the topics and holding the events (HUF 660 thousand / 1320 thousand / 3300 thousand
2. Cost of community programs and tools: (HUF 40 thousand / 120 thousand / 240 thousand)
3. Work of project coordinator: (HUF 100 thousand / 150 thousand / 300 thousand)
This is independent from what level our fundraising was successful, in total: Level 1: HUF 800,000, Level 2: HUF 1,590,000, Level 3: HUF 3,840,000

Level 1: (for 1 class, 1 school)
Level 2: (1 year = for 2 classes in two schools)
Level 3: (2 years = 5 classes in 2 schools)

Planned use of the donations raised at Swimathon:

We would really like to hold regular school activities in the two schools in the classes where we start this work. Therefore we would like to raise the maximum amount for our plan to involve as many children in the program as possible.

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it?

Our main objective is to provide participating children and their communities with a process in a playful form, where they get means of experiencing individual emotions and community situations solving them without conflicts. Through the community programs, their more distant environment (parents, age group) may become an active participant of the school life of children.

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

The mission of Horizont Szociális Alapítvány (Horizon Social Foundation) has been to help families, children and single persons in Ferencváros since 1991. We aim to organise strengthening educational scenes and programs, but we also provide targeted help in the form of donations to help people get through life difficulties. The members of our fundraising network are private persons, companies and large companies dealing with foodstuff and saving it in the district and Budapest. Our main partners are H52 Ifjúsági Iroda és Közösségi tér (H52 Youth Office and Community Space) and FESZGYI – Directorate of Ferencváros Social and Child Welfare Institutions.

Organisational Data Name, registered seat, date and number of court registration, tax number, website Name and contact of contact person:

Name, registered seat, date and number of court registration, tax number, website
Name and contact of contact person: (email, telephone)
Horizont Szociális Alapítvány (Horizon Social Foundation)
Representative: Dénes Berecz,, +36 20 962 2574
Registered seat: 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 52. fsz. 7. sz.
Tax number: 18006159-1-43
Registration number: 12. Pk. 64346/1990/22.
Date of court registration of the organisation: 23 January 1991