Name/Title of Project

Water for the trees

Objective of Program to be Supported:

The 9th district group of the 10 million Trees community in Budapest seeks to mobilize and organize residents living in the area with the aim of preserving biodiversity and improving the human environment. In order to increase natural oxygen production, we plant trees and shrubs, and create wildflower meadows and look after them afterwards. We plan for the long term and aim to protect the climate. We take responsibility for the seedlings we plant and look after them just as we do with our growing children (we nurture and protect them), for which we need to purchase large irrigation equipment to be able to create and maintain a greener environment.

The need and the problem we offer a solution to in the project:

Throughout our work focus on the needs of the plants and, above all, the wishes of the local communities and people living in the area. In our experience, it is easier to find enough enthusiastic volunteers for planting, but much more difficult to recruit them for looking after them afterward. Unfortunately, in some cases, it is limited where we can get water for planting and watering, which makes it difficult for the volunteers to do their job, and also for the plants and trees to survive. Therefore, in our project we set out to mitigate the problems related to irrigation through purchasing irrigation equipment to ensure that our newly planted and older trees and plants become strong and live long.

Activities planned in the project with expected schedule:

In the project, we plan to acquire equipment and then use them (for planting and looking after our existing plants) for a greener environment.
Expected timeframe:
July 2021: Designing the structure of the irrigation system, depending on the funds raised, the available discounts, and an assessment of cooperation possibilities with organizations in Ferencváros. Informing the public about the funds raised and their planned use.
Aug-Sept 2021: consultations with supervisory bodies and potential donors, assessment of the price quotes / offers, review / supplementation /finalization of plans. Selection of assets and places to purchase, start agreements / orders / asset purchases.
Sept. 2021-2022. March: assembly of irrigation equipment, start of use after receipt. Residential notice (photographic information about the purchased equipment, with our irrigation plans, locations)
March 2022: evaluation, wrapping up

Planned total project budget, briefly (cost types and amounts):

IBC tanks: 160 000 HUF
Water pump: 180 000 HUF
Other equipment needed for water intake/irrigation (pipes, tap openers (subject to permit), hoses, extensions, small taps, cans, markers, etc.: 50 000-150 000 HUF
Multiple rental/purchase of a pickup truck: 300 000-3 900 000 HHUF
Running costs: 100 000-500 000 HUF (petrol costs during watering, driver’s wages for the truck for at least 8 months)
Operating costs: 50 000 HUF (telephone, internet, petrol for equipment purchases, etc.)
Estimated total cost: 840 000-4 940 000 HUF

Planned use of the donations raised at Swimathon:

At the Swimathon we hope to raise at least 1,500,000 million forints for building a small/large-volume irrigation system to enable us to work on a greater scale and with an increased capacity. We would use the donations to purchase/rent equipment (new hoses, tanks, flatbed truck) to water the plants, which could lead to higher volumes, longer term planning and multi-factor water use for our organization. It could also significantly increase the number of new plantings and hopefully further improve air quality and the well-being of residents.

What impact we hope from the implementation of the project and how we wish to measure it?

Through the project we hope to improve the welfare of people and animals living or staying in the area for a shorter or longer period of time (residents, workforce, tourists, pets, birds, etc.) and also to increase the number of people committed to environmental and climate protection. In addition, we hope to raise awareness about these problems and their solutions, even among those people who are not yet concerned about them, as well as to increase the areas where trees can be planted, and irrigation can be ensured in a faster, easier way on the long term as well.
The project would help us implement planting in more difficult places (where water intake is problematic because of distance/residential buildings are far, as in some places mostly volunteers, living close by, do the watering but there are places where this is not possible).

Name and organisation of the civil organisation implementing the project:

10 million Trees Foundation – 9th district group (Bp)
The community of 10 Million Trees came to being spontaneously of ordinary people, from all over the country, with the aim of planting masses of new trees (10 million pieces).
At the 9th District group, we operate on a non-profit basis, in a non-political way, and act on the principle of prevention and precaution. Since our establishment, we have planted and looked after over 200 trees and 3,000 shrubs here in Ferencváros, as well as “wildflower meadows”.

Organisational data

Name: 10 millió Fa Alapítvány – IX. kerületi csoport /10 Million Trees Foundation – 9th district group
Registered seat: 1072 Budapest, Klauzál tér 14, 3/19,
Date and number of court registration: 19 October 2019, 01-01-0012870
Tax number: 19225294-1-42,
Founder: Iván András Bojár
Representative of local organisation: Anna Kovács, contact:,, tel: 06-70/701-3205
Web: (countrywide organization), Facebook: 10 millió fa – IX. Kerület (local)